Well Furnished Charleston, SC

memorable & enduring elements of home decor

Good Design has to tell a story. It has to stop people and make them wonder. Good design is a conversation.


Well Furnished is a resource for memorable and enduring elements of home decor in Charleston, SC. 

We're here to help! As our name suggests, well furnished rooms have that silent, magical ability to invite you in...not only to admire but to truly live within them. Intriguing works of art, beautifully crafted furniture, the interplay of texture and color, layers of light -  these things create atmosphere. 

The careful selection & purposeful arrangement of each object within a space - be they daringly sparse or lavishly detailed - create that undeniable allure.

Within our shop intriguing antiques, well executed reproductions, and newly minted items intertwine.

Ever-changing vignettes provide constant inspiration and items are ready to be plucked to enrich your own interior.

Also on hand are seasonally inspired gifts that will bring joy to those who matter most . . .and we lovingly gift wrap them so giving is easy!

We specialize in decorative objects of substance and distinction: 

  • Accessories

  • Artwork

  • Furniture

  • Lighting

  • Mirrors

  • Textiles

Style & Quality:

We're constantly on the hunt for exceptional furniture, lighting, works of art & home accessories. Each item meets our criteria for strong visual beauty, quality construction, and excellent form & undeniable character.

United in their appreciation for the uncommon, our clients range from nesting homeowners to notable American interior designers.

Good design is inherently durable and able to span decades & centuries, unlike the ebb & flow of fashionable trends.

Our traditionalist aesthetic engages the past, but we're unafraid to inject modern elements so the resulting collection has 21st Century fluency and context.

"The ability to look at the past with fresh eyes is the secret to timeless style."

Sense of Place:

Charleston's long history and fascination with design and style provide a study anchor for our business.

Built upon decades of experience in interior design, retail, and antiques we curate a compelling collection of objects available to the trade and the public. 

We look forward to meeting and assisting you! 

-Matthew, Cheryl & John McLaughlin